Rahel Teklè

Illustrator/Graphic Designer

The divine inspiration behind my brand

My story as a designer begins with a lifelong fascination with African folk art. Like many creative people, I believe that my artistic drive originates in something much bigger than myself — it is both a gift from my Creator and deeply connected to the beloved Eritrean and Ethiopian communities to which I belong. These are what anchors me in the world, and it is my African roots that my imagination returns to again and again as an endless source of inspiration—this passion for exploring African culture fuels my life and work as a designer. No matter what my artistic focus—and I’ve had many of them throughout my life, from graphic design and illustration to oil painting and photography—I was always looking for ways to create art that would allow me to share these rich and beautiful histories with the world. One day, in a flash of divine inspiration, I realized a new way I could tell these stories: through clothing. Specifically through beautiful, vibrant, and colorful scarves steeped in history and timelessly elegant. That moment marked the beginnings of my eponymous brand, Rahel Teklè.

Wearable art that weaves history into daily life

After my epiphany, I began seeing clothing as more than just fashion. Instead, I saw it as an opportunity to tell stories that could be worn on the body, offering endless creative possibilities and the perfect palette for capturing our authentic culture and rich histories, personal and collective.
And so, the vision for my brand became to explore the history, one scarf at a time. I wanted my clothing brand to offer people a way to carry their culture, heritage, history, and unique sense of self everywhere they go—home, work, gatherings, errands, wherever. I also wanted to give people a way to have fun with fashion, with unique pieces that express something meaningful about them and add a dash of playfulness to their style.

The creative process that goes into each scarf

Crafting something beautiful, timeless, and unique requires patience and imagination. That’s why each scarf design is a labor of love that takes months to create, from concept and research to sketching and digital design work.
My designs are based on 18th-century African folk art that I “remix” with a modern painting style to create something fresh and fashion-forward. To protect and preserve my vision, my artwork is 100% my own and is copyright protected worldwide.
To bring these designs to life, I knew there was only one possible choice for material: Mulberry Silk. This luxurious fabric is the highest quality silk available, spun from the cocoons of silkworms fed exclusively on mulberry leaves. The digital design is print on this fabulous material, and then each scarf is finished individually with hand-rolled edges for the ultimate personalized luxury.

The ultimate personal style statement

I call my scarves wearable art because that’s exactly what they are. They make wonderful and deeply meaningful gifts—for others and yourself—that reflect who you are and your unique place in the history of the world. It’s also why they’re perfect for framing and mounting as a wall decoration and conversation piece in your home.
I invite you to explore and share my passion for history by browsing my online gallery shop. 


                                                                Regards, Rahel Teklè